Human relationship visualizer

Visualize your hidden social-graph

Lifestrat is your social network compass to navigate the sea of friends. Using Facebook's Graph-API and our unique Chinese/Indian/Japanese-origin astrological engine, it visualizes your "potential" social graph map based on your "real" social network activities. It shows you the overview as "friends star map." It also tells you about subtle characteristics such as psychological distance, compatibility, and tips for communication (when to push, pull, wait and so on) with your friends. It functions as your personal social network optimization tool enabling easier communication with your friends and making your social life much more fun.

Ranking charts

You can switch the deisplay mode between STARMAP and RANKING. In Ranking mode, you can see the "best match" chart for your friends in various scenes like "ask something" and "get inspired."

Insights into deeper relationships

You can read characteristics analysis of each friend. It contains advices on "understanding how he/she views the world" "how to avoid uneasy situations with him/her" and so on. The language is available in both Japanese and English. (Please set your device's default language appropriately)

Seven scene modes of you life

You can select one of seven scenes in order to optimizes the output to match any particular situations: "General" is the default option, and you can switch to either "business""ask""talk""idea""fun" or "flirt."

Quick link to Facebook friends

If your Facebook friend has installed Lifestrat app, he or she will be visible from your Lifestrat "friend add" box. By adding your friend, you also get all the other important data such as gender and birthdate of your friend (if he or she sets the data public). If your Facebook friend does not have Lifestrat app yet, just invite him/her from within the app. You can also set up to 3 friend groups (such as "work" "school" and "family" for example) so that you can separately organize and maintain your firend data.

iOS / Android apps

You can download and start using it right now.


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